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Since 1994


Republic EDM Services offers high quality wire EDM work with personal attention, serving the automotive, aerospace, medical, appliance, defense, small government labs, government agencies, government contractors, materials research, electronics research, special machine building, small projects, tool & die, mold, fixturing & gaging, energy production, manufacturing industries. Since we concentrate on wire EDM services and don’t build tooling/dies/molds ourselves, we do not have conflict of interest issues with our clients regarding their customers. The kind of work done here is varied: some production work, special projects, close tolerance mold and die work, progressive die work, blanking die work, multi-slide die work, small wire diameter precision work in steel, carbide, aluminum, copper, titanium, brass, bronze, exotic metals and compressed powdered metals. All of our wire EDM machines are very well maintained and are auto-threading, which enhances efficiency through more unmanned machine hours. We have the ability to utilize .006, .008, .010, and .012 wire diameters so we can match efficiency and performance with precision requirements. Our Mitsubishi FX30 features a large table combined with dependable accuracy. Because Republic EDM emphasizes quality and precision, we are careful to provide the very best surface quality and edge integrity. The die components we produce have a better die life, reducing the frequency of rework and sharpening so that our clients can produce the highest quality parts. References attesting to our commitment to excellence and professionalism are available.

Company Principals:

Republic EDM is a Vietnam era veteran owned small business. Owner and President, Gary Schinder, has 36 years of experience most of which is in the machine trades as a machinist, wire edm operator & programmer and business owner. After serving in the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, Gary studied engineering and metals technologies at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and Ohio University. He became a journeyman machinist through trade school. After filling key positions for many years in Dayton area tool and die companies, Gary created Republic EDM Services in 1994. REDM is a family operation. Gary’s wife, Kim, is the General Manager. Kim Schinder received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Eastern Kentucky University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. When Gary started his business, she adapted and switched gears, devoting herself to the success of the family business. Kim and Gary have three adult children, all of whom previously worked in the family’s business, and one of which is serving in the Army.

Company Details:

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